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Soda Blasting

Soda Blasting

This is an excellent option for many people to consider for their paint removal or rust removal needs. Soda blasting is non-destructive meaning that it will not harm or damage your precious property. It can be used just as well on many different surfaces like sandblasting but is a much better choice for more delicate things.

Soda blasting is the mild choice when you worry about the harshness of a typical abrasive blasting such as with sandblasting or even dustless blasting. So please give us a call now if you think this is the best option for your next project or paint removal needs.

What is Soda Blasting?

Soda blasting is the type of abrasion blasting that uses sodium bicarbonate to remove paint or rust. This is done by compressed air pushing out the particles of the sodium bicarbonate against the surface. Yet it does it in a way that is much less harsh on your surface that you would have with sandblasting or dustless blasting with crushed glass.

So if you have something old or from a weaker material, this is an excellent option for paint removal or rust removal. It is even useful for getting rid of mold and fire or smoke cleanup as soda blasting will also clean and deodorize your surface as well.

How it Works

It is a particular machine to perform soda blasting. It is a self-contained unit that is an all in one moisture decontamination system, blast hose, and a blast nozzle. Most of this seems normal, but the machine is specially designed for soda blasting. It uses Sodium Bicarbonate which you may know of as baking soda. When the soda is blasted at the surface, it is what we would call friable. In other words, the sodium bicarbonate fragments into micro fragmentation when hitting the surface it is cleaning.

It literally explodes the paint or rust away but without causing any harm to the surface metal or wood below. Why is it also less harmful is since it uses a lower PSI at 20 compared to with normal sandblasting which is at 120.

A Highly Versatile Product

Soda blasting is mild, and because of this, it can be used on a variety of products. Soda blasting is excellent for cleaning away oak whether beams or floors, doors, stairs, and banisters. It can be gentle enough for any timber or wood in use. This great product is perfect for more fragile parts of your car, boat hull, or masonry. It won’t chip away at anything causing even more potential damage.

Soda blasting is also a great way to clean food processing equipment. You can even use it to remove graffiti on multiple surfaces and can clean structural steel no problem. Not to mention because soda blasting will clean and remove odor from a surface it is great for getting rid of mold and fire or smoke damage as well.

We Have the Know How

So if you think this is the right application form your removal job then give us a call about said blasting today.

We, of course, will also be here to answer any more questions you may have.


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