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Dustless Blasting

As we had mentioned, this is an excellent new method for paint removal and rust removal. It indeed is the wave of the future. It is faster and cleaner than traditional sandblasting as there is no dust plum so, therefore, no need for extensive and unwieldy continents areas. Great for use on your car or boat and the perfect method for use in residential and industrial areas.

You won't have to worry about any mess like with traditional sandblasting. So give us a call today to find out more about using dustless on your next home or commercial project.

Why Dustless Blasting?

First off because of the fact, there is no dust when using this method you can have others work nearby without any interruption of the dust plume getting everywhere. No need for massive cleanup of dust and safe to use around plants and near your home. Because of this lack of a dust plum it is very easy to take on site to different jobs.

Thanks to the fact there is no need for an unwieldily containment to keep dust in. It is also great for the environment and health of those around since there is no dust to be heard of. It is just an all-around perfect way for paint removal on your home or business.

How Does it work?

Dustless blasting works much faster than traditional sandblasting. Your outer coating of paint will be removed hastily and leaving a nice clean surface. It will be ready for paint in just one easy application.

Water is used in this method which allows for the easy containment of dust that will be created from the pain and rust being removed. The water traps the debris, and you don’t need to worry about the dust getting everywhere. Dustless blasting is a crushed glass blasting to remove the paint as well so nothing too harmful for the environment, and because everything is contained in the water, there is virtually no mess left at all. So why not give it a try.

Better in General

Dustless blasting is safe and efficient than traditional methods of sandblasting. Therefore there is no need for containment suits or anything else. This allows the user to have better visibility and increase our staff's ability to move around. Allowing them to work faster and better. It is also the environmentally friendly way to remove paint or rust. There are no worries of ignitable sparks from the abrasive blasting of metal since water is used.

Dustless blasting also cleans the surface it is being used on. Your surface will be cleaned from contaminates and salts that cause your problems in the first place.

Limitless in Application

Dustless blasting can be used on any surface anywhere. It is safe to use on wood, masonry, metal, concrete and roads. So if you need to paint removal or rust removal from your home, car, or boat, then it is the natural choice to make.

You can even use it for graffiti removal to clean up your space from disrespectful hooligans who tampered with your walls. So why not dustless blasting.


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