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Car Sandblasting

Your hot rod is nearly finished, and you are ready to have the final touch done. Of course, no car restoration project is complete with a snazzy new paint job that shows off your pride and joy. We at Sandblasting Colorado Springs can help make sure your care is ready to go for whatever design you decide to finish her off with.

Whether a sold gloss coat or something a little more classic with some racing stripes you be confident that the surface of your cars body panels are prepped and ready for its shiny new paint job.

Fast and Efficient

Sandblasting or other blasting methods are an excellent way for paint removal and rust removal from your car. Whether you are restoring a classic car or your family sedan. Even your truck.

We can remove rust before it becomes too much of a hassle and lead to more severe damage costing you hundreds of dollars more. As well we can remove old worn out paint to get the surface of your car ready for a brand new paint job.

Is it Safe for My Classic?

Now getting things like the frame of your car sandblasting is a no-brainer. I cannot think of anyone who would say it is not safe to do. However, I know many that show there concerns about sandblasting parts of the body. Yet people have been doing it for years with seemingly no problems. Well, let us put you to some ease as we can sandblast your cars body panels with little to no damage.

We offer a wide variety of ways to do abrasive blasting on your car from soda blasting to crushed glass blasting. We have many types of media blasting to handle any car of any age. So let us talk with you to have you comfortable getting your vehicle sandblasted from us.

Many Ways to Blast Paint and Rust Away

As we have mentioned before traditional media blasting with metal or sand is a very abrasive blasting technique. This can be damaging to the surface of your car and leave more work that needs to be done to get it looking good to prepare for paint. A gloss finish will show all those dents. That is why we offer milder forms of blasting such as dustless blasting that uses water and glass bead that is softer on the surface.

We even have Soda blasting that uses a much lower PSI than traditional blasting with sodium bicarbonate or baking soda to remove paint and rust. So if this is a worry, we have the way.

Safety is Always Our Concern

Some areas of your car such as the windows cannot or should not be sandblasted. We are always sure to watch out and keep areas like this safe from sandblasting. That goes well for you turn signals and mirrors as well.

It can be a challenge for someone with less experienced than us to keep these places safe but thanks to our years of on the job know how your cars delicate areas will be safe and sound till the job is finished. So give us a ring to get working for you today.


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