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Boat Sandblasting

Do you have a boat that is a joy to use for weekend fishing trips or just spending time with the family water skiing and other water sports?

Well, then you know that taking care of your hull is vital to the longevity of your boat. Leaving it alone to rust and get anti-foul build up is just no good for your boat. They can lead to far worse damage that will just end up costing you so much money. So why not get on top of your boat and make sure it remains in your family for years to come. We are here to keep your boat afloat.

Keep Rust At Bay

Water causes rust. This is a fact I think most of us know. Then you also know that it can look terrible and be a nuisance for your boat. It can become a huge hassle and lead to very costly repairs for your boat. Or if you really don’t look after your boat's hull at all, it can eventually sink it. That is why it is best to when rust does begin to show on your hull to sandblast it away so you can have the repairs done while small.

You don’t want the cost to make you second guess getting the boat in the first place so best to deal with it now. Give us a call now so we can nip that problem in the butt.

Anti-Foul Removal

Have an old boat. Then you likely have a layer of anti-foul on the bottom. It was a great paint to keep from nasty barnacles and a layer to protect your hull from corrosion. However, after some years, it can start to chip away and being pealing. This of course leading to rusting and other issues with your boat's hull. It's time for sandblasting.

We can get that old layer of protection away and your hull ready for a new layer so your boat hull can withstand the elements for another 10 whole years. Let us know if we can help you.

Other Contaminates

Despite have a solid layer or anti-foul and regular maintenance of your boat. You can still get build up on the bottom of your boat. Sandblasting is then a great way to clean away these contaminants quickly.

We offer a wide range of different methods for abrasive blasting to make sure that the job is done the right way and we don’t cause any damage to your precious boat. We can help you make sure that your boat stays looking good and performs to the best of its ability for years to come.

No Matter the Hull

Boats come in many types for many types of uses people want from them. Whether you are using your boat for fishing trips with the boys or a speedboat to have some high paced water sports with your friends and family.

No matter the ship we can take care of getting you hull ready for a new protective layer of paint. No matter the material we can help you. So if it is steel, aluminum, timber, or fiberglass we can blast it away today.


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