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About Our Team

Sandblasting is in our blood. We are the local experts that can handle any job that requires paint removal or rust removal. Our team is the experts with years of experience to know how to do it safely and as clean as possible.

We can always guide through the best ways to do what you need and make sure that you, our customer is always satisfied. We are not happy unless you are happy. We will always make sure of it.

So if you need some sandblasting for your car restoration, we are the guys for you. You want some work done on your home or business we are here for you. Boat hull needed some loving? Then we can give that to your boat and prep your boat hull looking good as new again.

We are always here for all of our customers and are always able and willing to walk you through what we can do for you. Our staff is always friendly and the most helpful. We know everything there is to know about abrasive blasting, and we can help you to get eh right method to do what you want. We, Will, take care of your property as if is ours.

Our team of professionals will never want to cause more harm or damage to the surfaces of your cars or home and in the end costing you money. If anything we want you to save which is why we can and will work within anyone's budget to give you the best service no matter the cost. Here at Sandblasting Colorado Springs, we are here for you.


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